If you are looking for a game with revenge theme and a chance to seek justice, then Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be right up your alley. The game may have a too-classic and too familiar theme of revenge (the kind of thing you see from most Hollywood movies) but there is a unique mix you can expect from it. With a combination of beautiful graphic, nice story, and good gaming development, the game has a lot or promising effect and outcome.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Development
The game is published by Deep Silver with Warhorse Studios as the developer. Set to release somewhere in 2017, Kingdom Come: Deliverance presents a medieval RPG gaming type that is set for PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and even Mac. It is coming in the first person player mode with medieval Europe (taken from the modern day Czech) setting in 1403. Your character will be the blacksmith son who seeks revenge after the entire family is killed by the invading army. Besides seeking out revenge, your job is to restore the rightful power of the king, and restore the balance of power within the land. Powered by Cry Engine 4, the game is completely beautiful with a solid graphic. But they may need to address some issues first before the launch because the current footage is somewhat a bit shaky.

If you are into details so much (I know that some of the gamers do), this one may be your favorite. Besides an interactive world (which means that you can play with other gamers too), you can enjoy the accurate history learning. The clothes, armors, castles, and combat techniques are all accurate. You can actually learn the interesting history while playing the game! Even the music is taken from the medieval song books and recorded by the Czech masters themselves. If you want to have the real thing, you can get it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Gaming Plot
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is taking place in Bohemia Kingdom, which is a part of the Bohemian Crown Land. The story is about the king who passes his throne to the incompetent heir only to give opportunities to the king’s brother to rule the new empty throne. Your character gets caught up in the middle and loses his family along the way.

In this game, not only you can customize your skill (you can choose to become a thief, a bard, or a warrior), your character will grow along the way. The development will happen as you progress through the game. Don’t you think Kingdom Come: Deliverance is promising enough?

To play Township smoothly, you need Township trick to get resources faster. Besides constructing the buildings, the game also requires you to farm. In the lower level, you will have small fields but in the higher level, your farm will grow much more. One simple trick for farming is planting at the right time.

For fast-growing crops like wheat and corn, you better harvest them at noon or when you wake up because they only need a few times to grow. After you harvest them, sell them to get coins. Wheat is free and you can get one coin per piece. Meanwhile, corn need one coin but it will sell for three coins. This Township trick is very easy for beginners. You do not need to use Township hack for this. Other crops which need longer time to grow like cacao and potatoes will be better to be planted at night. Plant them before you go to sleep and harvest them when you wake up. Planting cacao and potatoes during the day will waste your field. The coins you get are also less than if you plan wheat or corn.

Finishing quests is also a Township trick you can do to help you develop your town. Many quests are available inside the game that can also help you gaining more materials. Almost all quests in the game give coins and construction materials if you can finish them. However, some quests are the opposite. They need more resources to finish. That is why you need to choose the right quests if you want to obtain materials. Here some quests you can do which give materials for building as rewards.

Craftsman House

This quest is available once you reach level 20. In this level, you will be able to build two new types of houses. You only need to build one of them to complete the quests. The rewards of this quest are 1 brick, 1 timber, 40 xp, and 330 coins.

Degree of Perfection

This quest requires you to build a university. It will increase the population to 200 and give you 1 brick, 40 xp, and 460 coins.

Gablefont Cottage

When you reach level 17, you will unlock a new type of house. Building this new house will give you 1 brick, 1 beam, 25 xp, and 300 coins. This new house can host 35 people.


The last recommended quests in Township trick is the Farmhouse. You need to build four types of houses in the farmhouse to finish this quest. It will give you 1 timber, 35 xp, and 380 coins.

Before discussing what is Roblox Hack, you need to know about Roblox at first. If you are a true gamer, you may be familiar with this game. Roblox is an online game developed by ROBLOX Corporation. It has been released since 2004 to present. This game is designed for kids and teenagers, but adults are also able to play it eventually. It is compatible for many platforms including PC, Android, Mac, iOS, Xbox one, and Amazon device.

Then, what to do in this game? The answer is when you are playing this game; you are allowed to customize the virtual character by what you like including body shape, head shape, clothes, and others. Moreover, it also allows you to get the social interaction with your friends. You can invite people you meet in game as your friends. Recently, it has the feature of friends and follower. You are allowed to accept invitation or just let them as your followers.

In addition, in playing this game you need currency to buy anything you need. Its currency named Robux and becomes the main currency in this game. A way to get robux is by purchasing with real cash, means you have to pay it by your real money. Of course, it will wash away your wallet in the long term gaming. However, you do not need to worry as you can get infinite robux freely by taking advantage of Roblox Hack.

Roblox hack is a tool that helps you in getting much Robux. As you have much robux, you can play flexibly and can buy anything you want in the game. By advantaging this tool, you do not need to purchase the Robux by your real money. Thus, it makes you more enjoyable in playing this game without any worrying of running out your saving. Well, how to get Roblox hack? It is easy to find in the internet, of course. This tool is website-based, so you no need to download—just visit website providing the hack tool. Mostly, you just need to enter the verification such like entering Roblox username and other required steps. It is so easy and safe way because its tool is anti-banned.

Consequently, taking advantage of Roblox hack is the easy way to enjoy Roblox game without spending your real money. Having much Robux will facilitate you to buy anything you need and increase your level on the game. However, since the tool of hack is limitless, you should be wise to use it.

Self-driving fleet by Uber has already got the problem after one of the cars was claimed running a red lights in San Francisco on 14 December. Human error has been officially blamed by this incident.

The incident video has been uploaded to YouTube by a taxi company after it has been recorded by one of its dashboard cameras. It was known by the San Francisco Examiner that claimed the details with the operations manager of the Luxor Cab Company, Charles Rotter. On that video, it is shown that a car passing through the red light while the pedestrian has already started to cross the road. Apparently, the similar thing showed in other areas of the city in the same morning, as tweeted and spotted by Annie Gaus, the writer. She said to the Examiner that the Uber hit the Lyft car that she was in.

The cars had just only been trialed by Uber in the city that the day incident happened. They have refused to get allowance for testing the vehicles in the California State which is arguing that it does not need to be that way because human drivers are going to be there for the test.

But according to them the car was not loading up passengers. The claim running a red light is dangerous for every pedestrian, passenger, driver, and car in the vicinity. It is real big problem for test drivers of Uber in populated cities if there is no car or driver can be relied upon to follow one of the most important and simplest riles of the world. In earlier 2016, this company had already started trials in Pittsburgh, where a couple of public members reported finding one Uber driving the wrong way down the road and a couple of others involved in a perfect incident. There are no a couple of accidents with the authorities of the city that have been recorded.

The most important point of self-driving vehicles is to enhance road safety and also the efficiency. While they are still in infancy and this accident is one of the portions that should be reported for those people who are developing this kind of technology. In May, the Tesla Model S driver was killed because it used Autopilot beta feature, and in February, a bus had been hit by the Google car in California and was claimed to be at fault.

SimCity Buildit is a game developed by Electronic Arts that’s compatible for Android and iOS. This is such an attractive game with 3D graphic feature. In playing the game, you are required to have Simeoleons and SimCash—the currency used in game. Then, you also need to have golden keys. To get them, you can buy by real money or by taking advantage of SimCity Buildit Hack as an additional tool.

SimCity Buildit Hack is a tool allowing you to have infinite assets of Simoleons, SimCash, and golden keys. It makes you more flexible in playing the game indeed. You no need to spend your money to get any currency and golden keys and also waste your time. In addition, you will be more fun in playing it. This tools is an online browser-based. All you need is installing the SimCity Buildit game on your mobile.

This tool is compatible to Android and iOS, so you no need to connect first you mobile to computer. Then, using this tool is so easy to do. Firstly, you need to open your lovable browser on your device. Next, open the website of the SimCity Buildit hack online. After that, you can type your email address or your account on the available field.

Furthemore, there will be Simoleons and SimCach field. You can enter the amount of them as you want. If you are done, tap the button of generate for adding the asset to your account. It takes a few minutes and you can enjoy waiting it. When the process has already done, you can restart the SimCity Buildit game or even your phone device. Then, you can start to play the game with having some assets.

Fortunately, there is no limitation in getting the Simoleons, SimCash, and other resources, so you can have your asset unlimitedly. Then, there is also no band issue about this Simcity Buildit hack either for Android or iOS. It means that it is safe enough to you mobile device. However for better prevention, it is recommended not to use this tool more than twice in a day. It aims for avoiding the detection by developer.

So far, you can enjoy the SimCity Buildit game enjoyably without any worried about spending much money to have excessive assets. Just taking benefit of SimCity Buildit Hack, then you can get unlimited resource to manage your city building. With its safe feature, this hack tool is so fascinating.


Many people love to play games, especially on their favorite smartphone. If you are also one of those many people who also do the same then you might want to simply consider these most wanted android games to play in the year of 2016. That is because all of these games are considered as the best that you can get.

For the beginning, you can start with TorchLight Mobile. This game is actually started many years ago for the PC platform. However, following its succession on the PC platform, it seems like the maker of the game want to release the mobile version of this game for the Android users. As the result, this RPG based game comes too real for those who want the best dungeon crawler option on their Android phone. The next most wanted android games that you can try are Total War. If you have been playing this game earlier, you will surely know that this game is surely worth to play. That is because this RTS based game can be considered as something fascinating. As an addition to that, the latest Total War that is made for the Android OS is said to be something that will catch your attention even more. With some other additional features from this game, this game is surely becoming one of the most wanted games for Android.

The next one is Harvest Moon Seed of Memories. Many of you might have been playing Harvest Moon series, starting from the very beginning around the year of 2000 up to this time. Yes, there is one reason why this game is called as one of the most wanted android games. That is because the simple but fascinating display of the game combined with the real life game play of this game make this game is wanted by a lot of games in the world. As an addition to that, the latest Harvest Moon Seed of Memories is coming to the newest handheld platform, Android OS, which means you can easily play this game anytime and anywhere that you want. Nothing is better than that.

Those are some of the most wanted android games that you can play on your Android device. For your consideration, if you want to know the latest games with the best rating, you can easily go to the Play Store and start searching for the top games there.



This article will give a couple of Counter Strike tips that you can follow, so you can play this game smoothly and easily.


You have to consider that the monitor that is located below your head level is great for your eyes, and the monitor that is located above your head is great for your back. You just have to relax and get comfortable. A couple of people like to play this game when far away from the keyboard and sitting upright. You can find the position that will make you comfortable and relax to play this Counter Strike game.

Mastering the Controls

You have to get used to with the keys of d, s, a, w and the mouse can be used for shooting your enemy. You just have to adjust the sensitivity speed of the mouse according to your preference and mastering it.

Configuration can be customized

You can try to check out if you can make a couple of keystrokes that are more efficient for you, even for those of you who even have used the default configuration. It is better for you to use low sensitivity which is more accurate because your can move with perfect precision. The auto switch of the weapon can be turned off and you have to turn on the fast switch of the weapon. Mouse acceleration, mouse smoothing, and Vsync should be turned off. The rates should be fixed. Your configuration can be tweaked for those of you who have slower computer.

Mastering the Map

It is crucial for you to know where you are going, so you can predict where your enemy will go, and this is also important to know the strategic spots. If you are beginner to a map, it is better for you to join a server with 0 players and do some exploration. After you know how to deal with the map, you can play in a server with a couple of other players. You have to consider that you can anticipate where your enemy will go easily.

Know Your Weapons

It is well recommended for you to purchase Desert Eagle. This is the most powerful pistol that you can find in this Counter Strike game. With a couple of aimed shots, you can kill your enemy. After you have enough money in order to but a couple of other items, you can choose a couple of weapons.


Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome is one of the best fighting games that are available for those of you who use Android phone. This article will give a couple of tips and cheats of Gods of Rome game that you can use in order to win the battle. You can also complete the level and the fighters can be unlocked by using those cheats and tips.

Recognize your Fighters

It is very important for you to know all of your fighters or characters, their movements and particularly the affinity bonuses. A couple of fighters or characters grab a bonus from fighting with other fighters. A couple of characters can also get a bonus when fighting against a couple of certain fighters. There are also class bonuses that you have to consider. By using all of these bonuses you will advantage that will make easier for you to fight against your enemy.

Size does Matter

In this Gods of Rome game, size is one of the important things that you have to consider. The weapons size is very important. All of the attacks that you will do will have effect limited area whether less or more. So it is better for you to always stay close to your enemy and you have to use your long weapon if you have one. For instance, it is a great time when it comes for you to use the heavy attack because the enemy will get busted as you hit him over and over again. You have to consider that a couple of similar stuff can be done with a couple of other fighters, so you just have to find them.

Your Heroes Should be leveled up

You can have your team filled with three star characters, but you have to level up your low fighters that you have, particularly when you do not have a couple of options. You can level them up by using the small XP in order to increase the level characters that are low and you can use the large XP to your better fighters. You have to always consider about your better rated fighters as you will get a better fighter. You can also replace them easily if you do not have to use too much in your fighters already. The most important thing is that you do not have to hold into the options of your XP for long time period.

Boom Beach triche secret sounds so trichey yet interesting tips to hear. It will be too bad for the players to miss this kind of opportunity. Playing the online game indeed takes not only a lot of time but also a large amount of money. It is because the premium offer is sold beyond normal. In fact, the high demand of the gems or coins cannot be held anymore. Then what should the people as the players do in order to make the game looks great and improves in time?

boom beach secret

What is Behind Boom Beach Triche Secret?

Boom Beach triche secret will be given to you in order to reveal what the secrets that you should know so that you can share them somehow. Are there any kinds of secrets that the players do not know? Apparently there might be some information missing from what the players should have known before they decided to play the game. The secrets are usually covered up or hidden because when other people have already known about it, the game would never be appealing and interesting anymore.

There are many kinds of secret that the people might have known and some other might have not realized. The Boom Beach triches diamants could be like how to transform an amount of your money to be the collections of wood which can later be used for completing the materials for the mandatory upgrade. This kind of secret is not known by most the players because they might prefer buying to transforming. This is not the only secret that you need to keep an eye on.

Sometimes the players want to do all the things one by one. They do not realize that apparently they can do two different things at the same time. It could be like building or upgrading and also attacking others. Yes, these two things can be done at the same time. The players do not need to wait the first one to finish before turning to another task to do. Indeed, they would think that attacking someone needs and requires some troops to accompany and they can get loss whenever they do not get the victory. Yet, you can still do multiple activities in order to save much time and get more troops to be used for the following attacks that you may do in the future. Everything will be acceptable with Boom Beach triche secret.

Homefront The Revolution

Developed by Dambuster Studios, Homefront The Revolution is a first-person shooter sandbox video game available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 published by Deep Silver. As the sequel of the Homefront first installment, The Revolution offers effective co-op mode, good weapon modification options and great influence into the game. Unfortunately, glitches and frame rates need fixes, clumsy controls, dumb enemy AI and unrefined feel.

Homefront The Revolution Gameplay

The game offers unique customization of the weapon. The standard weapons are bad but you can modify them to make decent custom weapons. You can convert a battle rifle to a sniper rifle to increase its range using a long-range scope. If you want to have close-quarters fights using powerful weapon, a crossbow can be transformed into a flamethrower. The poor frame rate issues, slow movement and awkward aiming are the problem gamers have to face in the Homefront The Revolution but you will find some great ideas in it.

Homefront The Revolution Story

The back story of Homefront The Revolution is about occupation of America by North Korean which is good originality though there are uncanny and spectacularly events. You will see what it is like living under such a regime through the game. Instead of attacking the enemies around you, you will have to work secretly and merge in with the crowd in certain mission so you can experience a foretaste of a people living in fear. As you manage to set up resistance bases and assault the enemy facilities, there will be revolutionary interest running off in the yellow zones. There will be an impact from your efforts as the level of crime grows and inhabitants start to ask questions.

The war-tattered red zones have plenty to happen though Yellow zones in Philadelphia are the most of these good things occurs. Completing missions along boards and evading traps and working to establish new resistance positions are the real fun to be had, and the approaching KPA airships and drones offer the real sense of anxiety. Your mission involves riding around and doing action on the motorbike, and it is amazing to see some of the scenario against the enemy. There is a time limit in many of the side-missions which is annoying to do as it is easier to get late completing them as they are difficult to achieve. However, they add to the zest of being part of an uprising force in the Homefront The Revolution.

Battle versus clash royale

Clash Royale Triche Elixir is what the youth is busily seeking in order to advance the game that they are currently playing. Playing something but being stuck in the same level for over and over again can turn someone to be fed up with it. Thus, you can get this problem solved by doing and following some tricks. Talking about tricks, there are all tricks of the cards game, online games, how to be popular, how to make vlog, and even everything. It can be meant that the smallest trick for the Clash Royale will never be matters. As Clash Royale gets more and more widespread, shall you never think about the hardship you will get with this trick or cheat tool.

Download Clash Royale Triche Elixir for Free Users Online

Clash Royale can be successfully said as the descendants of the most phenomenal game Clash of Clan. This game has not hypnotized children but also adults till they cannot have peaceful sleep before getting victory and gaining coins to reach new level. This is quite lame though realizing that the game is only about war and the choices of cards. For the people who have this kind of game, it is just a group of out of work people without hope to get new jobs. Thus their work is only playing game over and over again. Clash Royale Triche Elixir does not mean anything for them as they have no interest in it.

Clash Royale Triche Elixir is not something new in the world of game. For the online game, those kinds of triche, tips, ideas, cheats, and also the guidances can be found and spread elsewhere. There is no way for all of you not to get this kind of solution for your Clash Royale game. You can say goodbye to your sucks game, your current level, your small number of gems and coins, your weak buildings and characters, and many more. There is quite impossible for the people not to be interested with this kind of boring game. Will you also want to look for those tricks or will you not feel the same way as others who feel excited? You can be inspired with other games to follow and to catch on, you can be out of the annoyance, you can be grateful not to deal with the boredom anymore with the help of Clash Royale Triche Elixir.

subway surfers cover

Subway Surfers hack for iOS can be found from the internet easily. There are many websites or game forums that give you the hack tool. Is it illegal or legal? Well, it can be said that the hack tool is something illegal because it is hacked the game system in order to unlock all the items and win the game with ease. Although it’s something illegal, many people try to use this hack tool in their iOS. Some people get stressed after playing Subway Surfers, getting stuck at the same level, and they finally decide to use the hack tool. There are also some people who already use the hack tool from the beginning of the game.

The Subway Surfers itself is very popular for iOS users. It was released earlier than the Android version. Many Android users get jealous when the game was only released for the iOS. So, if you are an iOS user, you should be happy because you can enjoy the game earlier than any Android users. The game itself has a boy as the main character who run on the railway, avoiding getting hit by the train from the front and getting caught by the police who is running after him. The Subway Surfers hack for iOS tool surely will make the game much easier than when it’s running without the hack tool.

Have ever tried to play this game at your best? Are you get frustrated? Well, if you are get frustrated and trying to get any hack tools for this game in iOS, you can simply go online and search the websites. You will find many websites that provide the hack tool. Read the comment section at the above of the page in the website. The comment from the previous visitors who ever downloaded the hack tool will tell you whether it’s provide the proper hack tool or not. When you try to download the Subway Surfers hack for iOS and you are asked by the website to finish a survey, it’s better for you to go to other website. The website which asks you to finish a survey is a scam.

Then, you can also go to any game forums. Choose the iOS section in the forum. Surely you will be able to find the hack tools. The Subway Surfers hack for iOS from any forum games is safer to be used than from the website.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was just launched. The setting of the game take place in planet Kharak, a sands planet. You will use a fragile and battered aircraft, Kapisi, a massive aircraft carrier to explore the endless shifting sands planet. The mission in this game is finding MacGuffin that will save you from the expanding of the desserts, and you are alone in this mission. When you start the mission, traitors and zealots destroy everything that you left behind. You should start and finish the mission to stop this chaos.

This game has otherworld setting that creates some drama through its stellar writing. In Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak your emotions will get touched by the emotive subtlety, layered characters, and a pervasive that will consume your dread. The whole aircraft is yours because you are alone. Explore and use it as much as you can. Sometime you feel the hopelessness that comes from the muted desperation of the characters. They just fight and fight as long as they can. Some comment on the radio show their difficulties and how they struggle to survive. It will touch your emotions again.

Your Kapisi is a mobile base for the operations. In this spaceship you should conduct research, gather resources, and built your units, turrets, and weapons to defend against your enemy. The campaign of the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak follows your spaceship journey in finding a powerful artifact. In the beginning of the game, you should protect the spaceship. But slowly it will change because the ship will grow along with you. It will be amazing and satisfying to see your spaceship grow into something powerful that has terrifying weapon. Unlike Stracraft that are expansive and has 20 unit types, Kharak only has 7 resources such as tanks, aircraft, cruisers, artillery, fast-assault vehicles, and your carrier.

It’s very important for you to create a good strategy because your enemies have very fast movements. The use of the radio communication will be very helpful for you when you are not following the battlefields visuals in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. You should upgrade your unit and carrier and meet those balance to complete your strategy. Each unit has different advantage and strength. This game is about loneliness. The combination of visual and audio in this game successfully create the loneliness in an otherworld setting. You should focus in this game to reach the goals.


Playing hay day without tons of coins and stacks of diamonds would be meaningless. Hay day triche for Android, especially your lovely gadget will answer your curiosity and worry that you cannot have a beautiful farm compared to others who have been playing for this game for so long. Think about this, when you want to build a pie machine or juice maker, it takes for about 150 thousand to 300 thousands coins. In order to have this sum of money, you need to collect and gain it by selling crops, fruit, and so on that might help you earn such coins.

Hay day triche for Android can be your solving problem because you probably run out of money but you are in the need of expanding your farm and decorating it by installing more working machines. How can the users be able to gain lots of money only in a few days without any hack online helped them for sure? This hack online for your Android will only work for all Android products, so if you are the iOs users, then you need to purchase a new Android to have this hack online becomes user-friendly to you.

The truth behind the hay day triche for Android is that the users or the players need to do some surveys and fill their profile started from their background, their futuristic plans, their parents’ profile, and other details that they may have. Then there would be some pop up pictures telling you that you need to match each of the pictures with the tag or the keyword they have provided for each number. You can access this hack online through your PCs or directly from your Android devices.

Finally, hay day triche for Android will help you generate the coins and the diamonds that you want to have only in less than 30 minutes. Generating the coin means that the provider needs to verify from the coin to the Facebook account that you have for playing the game. Is it easy to know that these days the hack online for Android can give a lot of benefit although it is only for playing games and amusing yourself from any stressful works waiting for you. No wonder, lots of gamers are trying hard to find the hack online hay day for their Android. Sometimes, this hack online for Android will work fast based on your internet connection.

Rocket League

The AbleGamers foundation which always helps video games’ developers to give better quality has pronounced their games of the year recently for Rocket League and MLB 15: The Show. This announcement is one of their nominations for some potential games that giving extra features and better quality for all players including disabilities. Then, there are two lucky video games which got this charity. Those games are categorized as the most accessible games through 2015 and many gamers play this game especially for gamer who get disabilities.It means that they provide their games in special features for disabilities gamers. We do agree with this announcement because gamers cannot be sectioned obviously. Everyone deserves to play games.

Rocket League is developed Psynonix which concern to provide their players or gamers with disabilities and different with normal gamers. It is one of their efforts to get as many as possible players of their game without differentiating normal and different abilities gamers. For your information, the players can reset or manage their own controls in many ways. That is the main reason why AbleGamers foundation wants this racing game as one of their most accessible games in 2015. This game has unique gameplay. It is not a normal racing but the combination between football and racing. The players can set their cars and play as a team to defeat another team by scoring goals.

Inside the main menu of Rocket League, you can set and map the controls of our car. One of the features is by using the mouse as the main control to drive your car. Thus, you can control the car just with a single mouse. It will be functional for players who have disabilities to push their controller or keyboard. From this point of view, AbleGamers notices that any player can play this game with only one mouse. Moreover, there are also some features which help the colorblind gamers. Some tutorials are featured with visual indicators which make easier for gamers with their disabilities.

Pysonix appreciate this achievement for their Rocket League. Further, they continue those features which show ease of use for everyone who playing their game in the future. Meanwhile, another winner is MLB 15: The Show. This game has similar content of easy access for all gamers without exception. Moreover, this game has a no-sound feature which does not require any sound through the game. It means that players who have disability to listen can play this game freely.


8 ball pool

If you are looking for 8 Ball pool hack iPhone, you are outdated for sure because our hack is available for all smartphone’s platforms including PC. Yeah, this game is able to be played through PC too nowadays. This game is also very fun because you can compete with other players through 1 on 1 or tournaments. We can understand how many players who play this game recently and how many hackers who have already hacked this game for their sake. Today, we will give iPhone hack users a gift to hack their 8 Ball Pool. In the end, you can play with unlimited cash, points, spins and many more.

Before we are going to the instructions of 8 Ball Pool hack iPhone, you have to know the benefits or features of our hack firstly. Firstly, this game requires Pool Cash and Pool Coins for your pool’s career. With those two, you are able to play very well during the game. For your information, you need to use your cash in entering every match or tournaments. This tool gives your unlimited cash freely. In addition, the cash has an important function either. You can purchase cards, spins and other stuff with unlimited cash provided by our hack tool. In other words, you have unlimited currency of this game.

The next feature of our 8 Ball Pool hack iPhone is unlimited boosts. You need to know that Boosts will increase your winning percentage inside the game. With unlimited boosts, you will have 90 percent of winning obviously. This is one of our main benefits of the tool hack. By using boosts, we can increase our power and spin very easy. People who play against you won’t notice you that you are using our hack instead.

To use our 8 Ball Pool hack iPhone, you do not need any jailbreak or root on your iOs. Our tool is absolutely able to handle your iOs system and successfully added the hack benefits above. First, download our tool and extract it on your PC. Connect your iPhone to your PC and open our trainer. Once both of them connected very well, you can change the amount which you want to change such as cash, coins or boosts. Click on hack button and let the process finished. You will get a notification once it has done. Open the 8 Ball pool game and you will have everything you changed before. That is all of our instructions, please do it on your own risk.


If you are playing this game, you must try this GTA V cellphone secret. For your information, there are so many secret inside this game actually. This is only one of thousand secrets which are created by Rockstar for their players. This is an in-game cellphone secret which is found by one of GTA V players out there. The trick is very simple. You just call this special number via in-game cellphone of your character and then there will be something happen after that. This secret is originally posted by twitter user who also plays this game so badly. Let us see and try it by ourselves to get the secret properly.

This GTA V cellphone secret requires you to play the game. Regardless to the place or location of your player, you just open in-game cellphone during the game. Call 1-999-367-367 on your cellphone manually. Then, there will be an explosion on your character’s target camera. Yeah, that is the main secret which is founded recently. Then, your cellphone interface will be changed either. For your information, this secret relates with the explosive coal which found on secret hunters. Some of Reddit’s users are still finding out the relation between the number with other things else inside the Los Santos.

For your information, the number of this GTA V cellphone secret is actually added since 2013 ago. It means that it exists since the first launch of GTA V on PlayStation 3. However, this secret is barely found in the early of 2016 instead. This is happened because last year Rockstar unlisted the number from the game files. But, it can be found by GTA V lovers now. Because of this discovered secret, it does not mean Los Santos has been running out of its secret. There are still many secrets which are not found yet by the players. So, do not be disappointed for revealing the new secret of GTA V.

If you lack of information about the new secret in GTA V, do not worry please. Rockstar won’t make their secret be far away from the original Los Santos city. This game has many Easter eggs inside it and it won’t make our curiosity satisfied soon. They are smart to hide the secrets obviously.   Yeah, you can adapt some secrets based on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Both of those games are related each other. You can roam Los Santos and hidden locations like Bigfoot freely and found new secret likely GTA V cellphone secret.


Xbox Live Gold

Today, Microsoft as the main developer of Xbox consoles including Xbox One and Xbox 360 announced some games which will be released on January 2016. For your information, these games are free for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold. Moreover, those games are one of parts of Games with Gold. It is one of features of Gold community. Xbox offers their premium subscribers on all of Xbox consoles. Those members are called as Gold members. There are so many benefits if you subscribe them such as free game, latest information and many more.

Microsoft will launch Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition as one of Games with Gold. This game will be released free for all Gold members especially for Xbox One gamers. For your information, the game will consist of so many bonuses and accessories for KI’s characters. However, the title is Season One which means that there will be another season through next year. If you do not know Killer Instinct, this game is actually not a new face. It exists since 1994. Thus, there is also a game mode which allows you to play Classic version throught your Xbox consoles. Then, other features such as co-op mode, Zheros and many more will follow the next update soon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will release Dirt Showdown for Xbox 360 gamers. This is a racing game which also very addictive to be played with your friends. This game is free during a half of January 2016 and will be continued with Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the second half period. Overall, all of the games will be released during January for Gold members freely. If you are still the members now, you will also gain some free games for December until next week. This is one of beneficial efforts from Xbox’s developers to maintain their community. Then, we as the gamers just enjoy the shows.